Thursday, November 13, 2008

Collapse of the MSM

Yesterday over at Two-Four, Billy Beck had an item about the impending financial collapse of the New York Times. Remember them? They used to be the unquestioned first source for news in America. They were the "Gray Lady" who set the standard of objective reporting. Then they succumbed to the dark side. The result?

Out of Cash

Apparently there are only so many times that you can fabricate the news to fit your agenda before even the American public will stop believing you. For younger readers, the old story of the boy who cried wolf might be applicable. For older ones, the military adage about one "aw shit" erasing a thousand "attaboys" is relevant. The NYT is several thousand attaboys in arrears.

Today we've got this item about the naivete of major news outlet MSNBC:

Why They Are Failing

Is it even for a second credible to believe that someone who could rise to be governor of a large, developing state might be so ignorant in the first place? Maybe from the rarified superiority of New York City that might be the view of the rest of use rubes, but it simply ain't likely. That's why it is so pathetic that they would rush the item to air without question.

The real question is why can't the MSM get over Sarah Palin? Why must they continue to chip with whatever dull tool they can find? Might it be that she is someone with so much potential for revitalizing the nearly defunct Republican Party that she simply scares the hell out of them?

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