Friday, December 18, 2009

Tough Week for Global Warming

Making the news in these waning days of COP15 in Copenhagen:

Snow Dumps in Tivoli Gardens

But the forecast is gloomier still:

A Meter Here, A Meter There, Pretty Soon You've Got Deep Snow

Well, at least the warm ocean breeze is keeping New York City comfortable:

Tough Sledding For Muggers in Central Park

In Washington, however, the Congress' generation of hot air is keeping the chill away:

Three Day Snow Forecast for Capitol

But, we all know that the real impact of warming is being felt in the far North:

Four Inches Per Hour Snowfall in Alaska

OK, but that's just anecdotal evidence, sort of like the kinds of data that East Anglia has been touting for years. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter so let's dismantle the economy and do something like send a trillion dollars to third-world countries as an apology.

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