Monday, September 15, 2008

The Hidden McCain

Before discounting this piece in the Wall Street Journal because it was written by Karl Rove (AKA Mephistopheles, AKA Machiavelli, AKA Beelzebub,) note that it simply recounts the stories told by Bud Day.

I know Col. Day. He's an annual attendee at our River Rats Reunion (AKA Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Ass'n). He is one of the most highly decorated military men I have had the privilege to meet as well as one of the most courageous and most patriotic. He is also unassuming, hard-working, and possessed of the highest sense of integrity you will ever encounter. He's the one telling the tales, Rove is merely the messenger.

The Stories Not Told

These tales don't go into policy nuances. They aren't about a vision for the future. They aren't grist for the campaign mill. They simply deal with the character of a man as it was displayed in the service of his country in a war that the left disagreed with and actively sought to undermine.

It is worth taking into consideration.

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