Monday, September 08, 2008

What a Concept

We’ve got more than our quota of incredible climate Cassandras in the US, but if you really want to stretch your solutions globally, go to that concentration of international heavy thinkers on the lower East Side of New Yawk City at the UN. There we’ve got an authentic Nobel Laureate, not Al Gore, who has the solution to global warming that can cure the climate, slim our population and make the undeveloped and starving people of the world like us again because we share their pain. It’s a win-win-win situation for us, the world and the cows.

Check this out:

Kill A Sacred Cow

Got that? Forego your place at the top of the food chain to cool the countryside. Give up your culture of carnivorous cuisine and follow the environmental friendly lead of Dennis Kucinich to the joys of vegan flatulence. Stop eating meat and we will save not only a lot of cows but probably all the polar bears as well.

But, if I stop eating meat will we have more corn for ethanol and tacos? I hope that would be a fringe benefit. If I’m not killing cattle will PETA go away? Wow, it gets better! If I don’t eat meat will I have to kill more fish and destroy the ocean eco-system? That wouldn’t be good.

Now, if I read this gentleman’s proposal correctly, but am hesitant to deprive myself of either Porterhouse or cheeseburgers could we maybe do some practical demonstrations of this concept in a ready-made laboratory? It appears from his name (and I don’t wish to be stereotyping or prejudiced) that he is of Indian descent. Why doesn’t he promote the immediate bovicide of all the revered cattle in his homeland. They aren’t being eaten, but they must be emitting a similar volume of methane as the prime beef in the feedlots of Kansas City.

We would have empirical evidence in short order of the efficacy of his theory and we’d also have cleaner streets throughout his homeland. Meanwhile we wouldn’t be putting Ruth’s Chris out of business.


Anonymous said...

I was forwarded a post from Democratic Underground that contained a pamphlet by a Jesuit priest, Father John Dear, that goes way beyond "What a Concept". I went to a Jesuit school and was amazed at what he wrote. Of course, the Jesuits have their share of odd balls.

immagikman said...

I'm thinking your real world test case is a fantastic Idea, we should send Email to the Gentleman at the UN requesting he institute just such a practice.