Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Fool or a Tool?

When you set up a schedule on a Sunday morning for five major network news talk shows and you mouth the same words over and over, then you are very sure of yourself...

Or maybe you aren't sure at all.

You are a high level member of the administration. You are the voice of America in the United Nations. I hope you have some intellectual chops.

The alternatives which are obvious when you emphatically report that a demonstration of outraged muslims caused by a YouTube video got out of hand and our ambassador got caught in the result and killed can be either that you know what you are talking about or you are simply a mouthpiece of fiction for a politically driven President in the run-up to election.

If you are an intelligent and qualified high level diplomat you have to question the basic assertion. Who takes an RPG to a video protest? Why does it result in murder and consulate destruction? You've got to question what is put before you...unless you are incompetent.

Alternately, you could be simply a two-fer political appointment, a black woman, who is loyal and will without question do the bidding of the boss even when the Orwellian New-Speak is absurdly wrong.

After Testimony She Leaves More Questions

I don't think Ms Rice is stupid.  I continue to come to the conclusion that she is venal and amoral. She will tell whatever lie is necessary to further the agenda.

Whether I am right or wrong, I'm left with the inescapable conclusion that she would not serve us well in a higher office.


immagikman said...

Venal and Amoral pretty much sums up this whole administration.

Six said...

I agree she'd be an awful Secretary of State but I'm starting to consider whether the country might be best served if she's shown to be what she is on a larger stage. Painful and damaging though it might be the longer view might be to let her go down in very public flames.

Hippo said...

I would suppose that she is just as qualified as Hillary Rodham though. She already knows how to lie and obfuscate so one would think she has the necessary qualifications to be the SoS for the Bamster.