Saturday, November 24, 2012

Playing Triple A Ball

One could not underestimate my opinion of the Bamster's presidential credentials. I've most often commented on his abysmal understanding of market forces like supply/demand impact on pricing or stated in the simplest terms the basic truth that if you ain't buyer or seller you ain't in the game.

But the place with the potential for most serious consequences is in foreign affairs. Going around the world bowing to second echelon royalty and dictators while mispronouncing their names and committing cultural faux pas is NOT a policy. Hillary, whether in party booty-shaking mode or haggard stringy-hair crisis savior format, doesn't offer much more insight. The US is a global reactor-in-chief.

What triggers this focus? The Middle East, of course:

Morsi Grabs Strong-Man Power After Brokering Cease-Fire

Usually these operations are a bit slower and considerably more subtle. This one is not quite major league but it certainly outplays the Bamster team.

First Morsi shows his influence over Hamas and his capacity to control the more rambunctious semi-terrorist political faction. He brings Hamas to the table, elevates Fatah to again show their face in Gaza, and demonstrates that Israel has sufficient confidence to give him a chance to follow through. He downplays Iran and Syria while anybody with two brain cells to rub together knows they are partying down in the back offices of the palace. Accolades today, resumption of hostilities in the near future.

Two days later Morsi is grabbing dictatorial powers and reaching well beyond any semblance of building a constitutional democracy in Egypt. His seizure is so blatant that even the Egyptians are astonished.

Which takes us to the White House. It is probably too soon to get a statement on where the US position is on all of this. Maybe they've ironed out what they were doing on September 11, 2012 when Benghazi was burning. Was it a terrorist act or a rowdy party that got out of hand after watching some YouTube viddies?


bongobear said...

Obama's foreign policy appears to be que sera, sera.

Old NFO said...

+1 on Bongo, and Hillary (and Obummer) will claim the credit!