Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Reality Sinks In

Those who have consistently argued that drowning the puppies of terrorism only causes the dogs to breed more will have to explain what is going on these past two weeks around the world. Not drowning the puppies has not done a thing to reduce the problems. When the U.S. went to war against those who demonstrated undeniably that they wished to bring our nation down, there were those former allies who hemmed and hawed and then respectfully declined to join us in the endeavor. Among the most duplicitous was the French ambassador to the UN, Dominique de Villepin, who now is Prime Minister of France. Along with his president, Jacques Chirac, they undermined the US and loudly pointed out that the attacks against us were a result of our failed foreign policy and that the real way to succeed was through increased understanding of the Arab nations and the Muslim culture.

Now the dirty little secret is out for all of the world to see. France didn’t “get it” and now they are paying a price that may result in the collapse of the government and possibly even the downfall of the Republic. Glee at their misfortune isn’t appropriate. But, a reorientation of thinking with regard to what is going on most definitely might be in order. With Arabs taking to the streets throughout Europe, not to picket, vote, debate, petition, influence policy or even market their positions, but simply to destroy civilization you might really want to ask the pacifist left-wing spokes-creatures in the US what they have learned so far.

Israel, which has long been on the frontlines of the widening intifada, certainly can tell us a lot about the situation. With tongue decidedly planted firmly in cheek, Steven Plaut offers a “modest proposal” for the French: Ooo La La, Intifada?

Complex political and societal questions don’t get solved in blog opinion pieces. They are only a starting point for grasping the issues and revolving them in search of new perspectives. Turn them this way and that to find how they work and where to apply the tools to dismantle them. They offer a first step in determining our options.

Let’s ask some questions. And, let’s take the current French situation for the source of the queries.

Who is burning, looting and destroying France? The answer appears to be second and third generation immigrants from former French colonies in North Africa. Predominantly Arab and predominantly Muslim. We’ve known for a long time that the aftermath of colonialism would be a lot of problems.

Why are they doing it? The newspapers tell me it is to express their dissatisfaction with France’s attitude toward them. Racism and discrimination are mentioned. But, they’ve been in France for a long time. They’ve soaked up the handouts of the welfare state. They’ve chosen not to be assimilated into French culture. Who’s fault is that? I’d suspect it isn’t a one-sided cause.

What is the meaning of “unemployment”? The reports note that unemployment nationwide runs around 10% (relate that to the US economy which we are continually told by the left is a disaster at four or five percent), but within the Arab regions is variously reported as 20, 30 or even 40%. I ask what the term means because it makes a difference whether someone is without a job because of discrimination, the lagging economy, or simply a choice not to work. Clearly the parents of these criminals and thugs who are rampaging nightly throughout France must have had some means of support when they arrived years ago that allowed them to procreate, sustain themselves and nourish their families. If conditions were so oppressive, why did they stay so long?

How do they think their actions will improve their situation? Oh, you’ve burned my car, looted my store and trashed my neighborhood? Thank you very much. What can I now do to express my gratitude and correct your situation? Un-bloody-likely outcome.

What might come of this? Who knows? I suspect, there will be a crack-down by the French government and a lot more violence. I hope that there will be recognition by a lot of nations that terrorism, whether an international jihad or a local rampage, should not be tolerated. I fear that the repression necessary to quell the violence will simply spawn a wave of copy-cats around the world.

The Chinese curse was laid upon us with a vengeance. We do indeed live in interesting times.

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Gary Cruse said...

You lost me at "drowning puppies." Some imagery is better than others.