Monday, December 26, 2005


Call me paranoid. Even if I am, that doesn’t mean that someone isn’t still out to get me. I’m beginning to get a bit apprehensive about Hillary. I lived through the eight years of Bill’s administration, and saw scandal after scandal. I watched the attempt to nationalize health-care by creating some sort of socialistic expectation that everyone has a right to have someone else pick up the tab for what had traditionally been your individual responsibility. I observed the “loathing” of the military and was even willing to argue for some reductions of the force due to changed threat in the world. I read about the FBI files, the real estate deals, the travel agency firings, the cattle futures killing and more. I even wondered how someone could argue that fellatio in the Oval Office wasn’t really sexual relations. I know what my wife would have to say about that if I brought that rationale home.

But, Americans have short memories. They also seem to have very poorly developed reasoning skills. That’s why two opinion pieces in this AM’s Dallas Morning Fishwrap scare me. There seems to be a concentrated campaign to reshape America’s scariest woman and purge the memories. First, we’ve got Richard Cohen: Damned with Faint Praise He seems to be saying that Hillary is way wrong with a pandering bill to outlaw flag burning. Yet, if you were a bit paranoid, you might spin that as an attempt to show how “conservative” she is and help to make her just a teeny bit more palatable to the moderate mainstream.

Then there’s Kathleen Parker. I like her columns usually, but today she paints a Hillary that sincerely wants to shed the far left abortion position for something much more palatable to moderates. Try this: Praising with Faint Damnation Yes, there’s good ol’ Hil’ feeling the pain of pregnant women, yet acknowledging the sanctity of life and seeking to really solve the problem for them without being either pro-life or pro-choice. It’s an example of Clintonian triangulation at its finest. Have it both ways and draw votes from everywhere.

Yep, there’s reason for paranoia this morning. I’ve got nearly a full page of opinion in my major metropolitan newsrag that labels the argument as opposing sides but really is an orchestrated effort to groom the witch for a run at the White House in ’08. I knew she was coming, but I didn’t realize the level of the indoctrination that would be part of the campaign. I’m paranoid. I’m afraid they might even get me liking her and respecting her ideas. Nahhhhh, that ain’t gonna happen. Fellatio ain’t no peck on the cheek and Hillary ain’t no moderate. She wasn’t then and she won’t be in two years. But I’m scared.

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