Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Parties Defined

Are you tired of trying to shoe-horn yourself into the American two-party system? Not comfortable calling yourself a Donkey or an Elephant? Want something different? Well here’s a fairly lengthy piece, but worth consuming thoughtfully. The writer explains why Obama can’t pull it off. And I agree with her thoroughly, except for one sticking point and that is simply one of semantics. Take a look at this:

A New Way to Look At It

Here’s the breakdown from the end of the piece:

Professors and state employees in college towns and state capitals
Traffic in words & abstractions
Love Nuance
Appreciate Fairness
Dislike force, think it vulgar
Think Jeffersonians beneath contempt
Theme song:

Democrats who live Everywhere else
Prefer men of action
Love Clarity
Appreciate Justice
Admire force, applied justly
Think Academics are inconsequential
Love Toby Keith

Found my bone of contention yet?

The core is that her Jeffersonians are actually Republicans! They are conservative, in the fundamental meaning of the word. They are truly Jeffersonian, in that they identify with that early patriot who called his followers “Democratic” but fail to realize that what is today recognized as a Democrat is a long way down the socialist slide from what ol’ TJ stood for.

The basic premise though, that Obama will lose is correct. And the basic reasoning is as well. The people who espouse the values of the red side of that table and who don’t commonly identify themselves as Republicans will be unable to check off the name on the ballot that clearly associates with the values on the blue list.

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