Thursday, October 04, 2012

Now They Notice?

Just now they notice the vacancy of the rhetoric? Only after four years do they notice the helpless stumbling when away from the script? Is it only when the evidence is overwhelming and blatant that the media sycophants finally have to say the emperor is really a bit Godiva tonight!

Obama Debaticus Falls Flat at The Forum

Do you suppose anybody who votes in the Blue States was honestly evaluating what they were seeing?


juvat said...

Ed, You KNOW that the real reason the lightworker didn't do well was hypoxia.
Hope you're doing well and got a bump out of Romney's performance last night.

drjim said...

I listened to part of it, and watched part of it, but not all of it.

The parts I listened to sounded like Romney tore 0bama to shreds with actual facts rather than rhetoric, and the parts that I watched made 0bama look like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. 0bama just seemed so,.... so, ....weasely that I almost felt sorry for him.

But then maybe that's the "strategy" 0bama has in mind....appear to be all beat down by the "Rich White Man" that he'll get all the votes he needs to win again.

And if 0bama can't win the votes, then that weasel will just STEAL them.

Six said...

I am still smiling ear to ear today. First time in a while.

MSgt B said...

It was terribly fun to watch.

Makes me wonder what kind of encore is Obama going to come up with at the next two?

MagiK said...

Not in the least, the Obama Supporters that I know, focused on the fact that every single thing Romney said was a lie and they insist Obama was fine that there was no problem for him in that debate. The parasites in our society will vote for him no matter what.