Friday, July 25, 2008

When Hard Data Intervenes

Rip Van Winkle, I’ve got some news for you. While you were sleeping the former Vice-President of the United States won an Academy Award. That’s right; he starred in a delightful black comedy that enthralled movie-goers around the world. Really. It’s the truth. The acting was incredible and the graphics had to be seen. It was the PowerPoint to end all board meeting PowerPoint aspirations for all time. Everybody had to see it and the laughs were non-stop except when you were crying with fear. Or nodding off out of boredom.

I know. I was stunned as well and I was awake at the time. But, there’s more! He also won the Nobel Peace Prize in the same year. Could you believe it? Yep, and it was awarded for something that didn’t have squat to do with world peace. That’s what I call breaking new ground. No Camp David accords came out of his efforts. No international agreements, no redrawn borders, no fiercely negotiated treaties. Just a big helping of guilt and fear for America. Plus, of course, a spurt in Prius sales. He really created the Twenty-First Century equivalent of the Hari Krishna movement with loads of suitably scruffy college students demanding that everything be green and profitable corporations be outlawed. They hold hands and sway in unison while monotonously intoning, “oil is bad, oil is bad, oil is bad.” The alternative mantra is, “we’re all gonna die,” hummed softly to the tune of “Fixin’ to Die Rag.”

See the whole business is about impending death to all of us. Seriously, we’ve got a future like a frog in a pot of cold water that’s been put on the stove to boil. Just a couple of years of profligate soft living and we’re all doomed. Unless we see the light. And then turn if off.

Crisis Crisis Crisis

If you can dream the impossible dream, those windmills will no longer be dragons, Mr. Quixote. But, no nukes. Remember that.

But, what if someone gathered facts and told them to the public? Could all of the hype be supported? Are we really doomed? Take a look at this detailed rebuttal to the idiocy:

Inconvenient Facts

Why is it that reason and data which irrefutably discredits the hysteria are so studiously ignored?

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