Monday, October 11, 2010

Isolated, Insular, Arrogant & Clueless

Time Magazine would never make the short list or even an incredibly long compendium of conservative news sources. Their credibility as an unbiased source was slowly eroded over the last thirty years and finally came crashing down in 2007-08 when they ran monthly covers of the Messiah. He's been on the cover more often than Hitler, Stalin, Mao and all other US Presidents combined (hyperbole admitted!)

Here they try to extol the Messiah's effort to climb the unbearably steep mountain, but can't quite overcome the clear facts of the incompetence:

Why Don't People Like Him?

I can't disagree with the basic premise. The administration is very apparently not up to the task. They are too narcissistic and self-serving to be able to deal with the issues. They campaign very well, but they have no qualifications to govern.

I do disagree with the distinction that Halperin makes between the electorate and an elite. At this point, I think the elite and the electorate are one. They all  agree that the Bamster is unable to handle the task.

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Bob Johnson said...

Ed... just finished reading "Fighter Pilot" and have sent one to our son who is a Captain at D-M. I was behind you a few years at Det 195 and graduated in 1970. Met Gen. Olds at a dining in at Keesler Field when the USAF was trying to make me into an 'electron chaser". I was taken with the man's presence.. it was obvious he was a leader first and an officer second... met him again at a River Rat getogether in the mid-90's.. he had not changed.. outspoken and at the "front of the fight".... today's USAF is sure loaded with managers.. I think the worg "leader" has been lost.. enjoyed your book about the Thuds..still like to steal hubcaps??

Thanks for your service and your part in bringing the words of a superb leader to those us who admire that trait..

Bob Johnson
Holland, MI