Friday, October 29, 2010

World Series

The Series is not going well for Texas. Apparently they went to California and left their bats home and a rampant virus has infected the bullpen leaving arms as limp as spaghetti.

What amazed me, however, more than the pathetic level of play was the San Francisco crowd. Here we are less than a week from election day and in full campaign mode but the Congressional representative from the Giants home district was conspicuously absent. Wouldn't an appearance as a real person of the people, enjoying America's pastime and rooting the team to victory be a plus? Where were you Nancy?

Saturday, Sunday and Monday the games will be in Arlington. Wanna bet former President George W. Bush will be in attendance?


Bush Pere et Fils In Lineup

That bet was too easy to win.


Me said...

Baseball is American. Nancy Pelosi is not. Hence, her unconcern for our country's pastime.

bongobear said...

I expect W will be in attendance because of his former affilliation with the Rangers and his love of baseball. I doubt Pelosi gives a damn about baseball.