Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Feeling Secure?

We’ve got ten or eleven million illegal immigrants in this country. We’ve got what can charitably be called a “porous” border. Tomorrow, here in Texas, we’ll be executing one of those illegal immigrants who came here, not for a job and a future, but to conduct a series of brutal killings several years ago with whatever instrument came first to hand including such weapons as clubs, axes, shovels and hammers. He’s appealing, of course, but I expect that the Big Sleep is imminent. Securing our borders is an important task that needs competence now.

In this sort of atmosphere, we’ve got this headline: Hard Rush Hindered?

Wow, I feel a whole lot better now knowing that the customs and immigration folks are combing Rush Limbaugh’s private jet for possible prescription violations. Commercial jets are landing nearby disgorging hundreds of passengers hourly from off-shore points and they’ve got the time and inclination to be reading labels on prescription bottles? Is Viagra a drug of abuse? Seems unlikely as I encounter a minimum of four or five email solicitations each morning to order a supply online at discount without more than a superficial consultation with a real doctor. Are we more secure from terrorist attack if Rush is thwarted in his amorous encounters? I wonder if Bob Dole had this sort of problem?

But, probably more revealing is the question of how doctors dispense medication to each and every one of us. Have you ever visited your family physician and after discussion of a problem had the doctor offer you a supply of some medication which he has in the office provided to him by the manufacturer on a trial basis? It happens regularly. And, I’m willing to bet that the pills you take home don’t have a label with your name on the bottle indicating to the customs officer that you are legally entitled to possess it. Why, you might be planning to dump it into the Palm Beach water supply and set the entire community off on a sex-fueled orgy of conservative political excess. Be careful when traveling or the Gestapo might get you for illegal Cialis possession.

This may be the most egregious example of bureaucratic fascism in months.

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Gary Cruse said...

Sorry, but Rush's cheerleading for the Drug War is so loud, I can't hear his whining when they snag him.