Tuesday, August 09, 2011

On the Wisdom of the Bamster

How low can esteem for the President drop? This item might be seen on an irreverent college blog. It could be something encountered on The Onion. It might be a satirical piece written for distribution to your mailing list.

But this is on the Op-Ed page of the Wall Street Journal today and it is deadly serious:

The Emperor is Naked and Stupid Too!

Daring to say what needed to be said is uncommon these days but when encountered it is certainly refreshing. But wait! Maybe it is becoming common:

More On Stupid!


Murphy's Law said...

Ed, even the Washington Post's Dana Milbank--one of Obama's most loyal water-carriers--is now publicly questioning him:


bongobear said...

Obama has always impressed me as an empty suit. I must admit I am unable to form an objective opinion of the man because I simply detest him.

immagikman said...

I've believed from day one that he was no where near as smart as his PR people made him out to be...he is sy and cagey...and knows how to work the system, but there is no true intellectual genius there...he has nothing of his own to contribute.

LauraB said...

In my mind's eye I always see him paraded around on a litter with sycophants surrounding and his masters nodding in the background.

The day will come when he is no longer the useful idiot. He is a fool to think he will be permitted a soft place to land. Rather, they'll tip that litter into the feral rabble - with the masters still nodding in the background.

Kevin said...

Ed - refeshing, indeed!

LauraB - well said!

Anonymous said...

Zero, The Empty Suit Snake Oil Salesman. Down here in the South his type are known as Flim-Flam men. Clever, not smart. Texans would say "all hat, no cattle." regards, Alemaster

Anna said...

Obama is merely the multi-racial front man for progressive socialists like Bill Ayers and Valerie Jarret. He was their stooge, their patsy to power. alas he is not as golden tongued as Bill Clinton nor as astute as Hillary Clinton. So his shine is wearing thin. How thin? Soem of his biggest supporters are now down on him for not being leftist enough. I agree with Victor David Hansen, this allows them to seperate the fallable man they touted as the Lightworker from their socialist dreams. Or in other words, once again its not the idea's fault, just the messenger. So again they shoot their Hermes of Socialism instead of examining why their ideas are fatally flawed.