Friday, August 19, 2011

Pathetic Politics

Nothing surprises me any more. This item from the Washington Post purports that the full page add to run in the Austin "alternative" weekly newspaper is paid for by a Ron Paul supporter.

Have You Slept With Rick Perry? Mrs. Perry Need Not Respond!

Being always skeptical, let me clearly state:

  1. I'm not surprised by such an ad.
  2. The venue of an alternative weekly rag in proudly "weird" Austin fits the style.
  3. It may be a heavy handed satirical jab. 
  4. I doubt that there are real links to Ron Paul. 


bongobear said...

The first place I would look for authorship of this tactic would be the DNC.

Anna said...

Or Larry Flynt

Hippo said...

I can neither confirm nor deny subject act. However, my rather faulty memory tells me I have slept with my wife for the past many years.