Friday, January 02, 2009

The Never-Ending Tale

Honestly, if I were asked today where I come from, I would finesse the answer to somehow cover up the fact that I was born in Cook County, Illinois in the city of Chicago. It would be way too much of an embarrassment to have people think that I were in any way related to that septic tank of political theater.

The American Thinker offers a synopsis of ongoing events and compares it to a humor column that might have been written by Dave Barry:

Only in Chicago Thinking

What strikes me in today's iteration of the tale is the convolutions of racial politics in America. How can this nation have just elected a demonstrably African-American president and still be considered in anyone's judgment as racist? How can we have a Congressional Black Caucus and be accused of discrimination against blacks? How can we have African-American cabinet members and Supreme Court justices and be viewed as prejudiced? How can we have US Senators come and go, some black, some white, some brown and some Asian and still cling to the idea that any sort of criterion for membership in that august body is ethnically dependent?

Possibly the most basic question related to the issue is, "does it take someone of my race to effectively and justly represent me?" I think we've had more than enough evidence to conclude objectively that the issue is irrelevant.

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