Monday, February 07, 2011

From the "Do As I Say..." Family

You see they know what is best for us. They will tell us what to drive, what to drink, what to eat. They will control the vertical and the horizontal...ooops. Am I about to enter the Twilight Zone?

Tasty Super Bowl Buffet For Elite

C'mon, I admit that a Super Bowl party is a cause for culinary excess. We tend to make too much about the significance of meaningless things and overlook the critical essentials.

But it is funny that the First Family that seeks to expand the power of the federal government into the lunches for our children and the options in our restaurants would be so unbalanced in what was undeniably going to be a publicized affair.

Couldn't they have offered a small salad and a tofu burger on whole wheat diet bread with a Lite Soy milk option?

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