Sunday, February 20, 2011

Interesting Parallel

Here's an interesting look at the emerging capability of the F-35:

The comparisons are going to seem outrageous to some, but when you check the graphs, the specs and the commentary of Dr. Kopp, a well-respected military aviation analyst in Australia, you begin to see that he's got something here:

Maybe It Shouldn't Be Lightning II But 'Chief II

When you consider the reach of the technology that is being integrated in the F-35 in comparison to the state-of-the-art in the late 1950s when the venerable F-105 was developed you begin to agree with the parallel.

I had occasion over the years to correspond with Dr. Kopp many times. In fact, we became friends back when he was just plain old, Carlo. He's a good guy and knows his craft.


Me said...

Wow. No idea it was that big.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

As usual, Carlo teases out information from the tapestry we all see, but fail to notice any details.

I've had lengthy email discussions with him, too - mostly on his imaginative (or rather, innovative) design for a conventional-explosive 'local' EMP weapon. As far as I'm concerned, he invented it.

Aaron said...

Interesting article.

There may not be enough F-22s with 187 produced to provide the escort role the F-4s sometimes had for the F-105s. Hopefully the F35s do have an excellent air-air capability even if its not top-end.

Kevin said...

In my humble opinion, you can't improve on perfection. But here, 50 years later, I guess one must give them credit for trying! -grin-