Sunday, February 27, 2011

He Knows Ugly

Fashion designers are expected to be a bit eccentric. That makes them "edgy" and avant-garde. But this guy takes it to a whole new level:

People in Glass Houses...

I honestly can't imagine why someone would seek out the latest from the mind of this misfit for their spring couture.


Old NFO said...

Um... yeah... Glad I'm not a slave to fashion :-)

WV- fernme Ummm, no I don't do ferns!

The Donald said...

:41 - "...the real muses that have made me the man I am today have come back for me tonight..."

Hmmm. Muses? Not so much.

Evil sprites amusing themselves with Mr. Galliano. Very plausible.

I think in the military, he'd be referred to as 'NNTA' - No Need to Ask.

But I totally understand being a slave to fashion, albeit a different fashion: Hondo, Hanes, Levi's, Kirkland, Cabela's, and Wells-Lamont.