Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stay Clear of Downed Aircrews

It has been several years since we had a robust business of SAR (Search And Rescue) for downed aircrews. I wouldn't want it any other way. Going in to grab a tactical jet crew means that the defenses bagged the fast mover and you are going to be slow and expected. At some point you are going to hover or touch down and you may have to send a rescue element to the ground to help the crewman. It is not a mission for the faint of heart.

When asked to go, it is inevitable that the adrenaline is going to spike and that means the probability of engagement of anybody in the area that appears in the slightest bit threatening is going to be inevitable. Add language difficulties, indistinct lines of friendlies, and various unfamiliar uniforms or lack of uniforms. Apparently six locals got caught up in the rescue of the Strike Eagle crew. That is unfortunate, but it might be prudent to stay well clear of crews unless you can clearly identify yourself, your aid is essential, or you are willing to take a high risk.

Reports From the Front With Pix

The pictures demonstrate the effectiveness of the air campaign pretty graphically. Some of the headlines are disturbing, however.

The Messiah's reluctance to provide leadership is fueling a disaster both for Odyssey Dawn and for NATO. The array of coalition forces show that this is very much a NATO operation. That means a command/control structure is largely in place. It would be primarily 5 ATAF and COMSOUTH. Italy has opened their bases and France has taken a lead role. But France, which reintegrated with NATO military structures in 2009 doesn't want NATO in charge. Italy demands NATO control.

That little brouhaha is purely a Messiah-driven outcome. Leadership requires being in the front. The last thing he appears to want to do is lead. How did we get to this point?

And then there is that ludicrous headline of Algeria saying the operation is "disproportionate"! Yes, you damn fools. Combat operations are supposed to be disproportionate. That is how you win!

UPDATE: Germany Pulls Forces From Coalition Over Leadership Lack

Rumors are that the Bamster is taking fiddle lessons to serenade Michelle as the world burns. Circus to offer lions versus Muslims main event during daily shows.

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nzgarry said...

Can Europe ever really be unified like the USA?.
Somehow I think not, but North Africa is 'just over the fence' and if they cannot muster a measure of cohesion and unity over this then where to for the EU?.