Tuesday, March 01, 2011

That Was Then...

Yesterday was the last day of Black History Month. That brought the Congressional Black Caucus together to wail about the pending demise of the gravy train and link it to...drum roll, please...race!

Budget Cuts Will Set Back Equality

How do you get there? History is past. It has occurred and the lessons have been instructive, if not totally embraced in society. We have worked our way through the civil rights movement and it would be difficult to find formalized discrimination in modern America. The schools are integrated, barriers have come down and opportunity exists. It is still tough, but there are few remaining barriers to success for those who will strive.

Yet, the CBC seems to believe that the only way we get equality is through dependency. Making a race rely on government distributions is not the way to equality.

But apparently it is a very reliable route to re-election.

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Kevin said...

"...a very reliable route to re-election."