Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another Gun Tragedy

When will we see the last of these gun tragedies? When will somebody do something to restrict the access of American citizens to firearms? When will a liberal mayor recognize the difference between "automatic" and "semi--automatic"? When will someone make a distinction between gun violence and criminal activity or the act of a madman?

The events in Connecticut yesterday were sheer insanity. It was not at all about guns in America. Had this individual wished to perpetrate his acts without the benefit of a firearm he certainly could have found more than enough means to do so.

A Knife in China

 If we were to deny all of America the right to ownership of an AR style firearm would we really have any impact on this sort of tragedy in an American school? I don't think any logical person can make that argument.

Last Night's Gun Tragedy

That is what I'm talking about when I raised the question of another gun tragedy. You could not imagine another gun law added on the top of the stack of restrictions on gun ownership in the city of Chicago. We find the most extreme progressive politicians in control of both the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois. You are not allowed to defend yourself against thugs, vandals, and gang bangers if you live in Cook County. What additional restriction could you impose on the cowering, fearful, barricaded citizenry?

If you want to discuss the impact on gun control in reducing tragedies of multiple murders with gun violence, then don't look to a school in Connecticut. Look to the streets of Chicago. Imagine you are under threat by a street gang member who does not know you, does not care about you, does not respect you and will not leave you uninjured. Now dial 911 on your cell phone, take a deep breath and wait for the police to arrive. You will be long dead by the time you hear the first siren.

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bongobear said...

There you go being rational again Ed. Reason has no place in a 'national discussion' on gun ownership. Don't you watch the network news?