Thursday, December 13, 2012

Zimbabwe Redux

Is it just me or does it seem unusual that in the interview all of the grand political leaders, with the exception of Eleanor Roosevelt who was not an elected official in the United States government; is it unusual that all of those leaders are black?

It might be that those are the only individuals they can think of on short notice. But it seems very strange that no white or Hispanic or Asian in a position of American political prominence should be noted.

Work like a Third World Dictator

The fallacy in the entire interview is the assumption that taking a poll of the electorate at large is a way to determine beneficial policy for a nation. There is no stretch of the imagination that could lead one to that conclusion. It is not impossible that the will of the majority could be a positive influence. But in most instances the will of the majority will be little more than redistribution of economic benefits from those who are successful to those who are not. Decisions made on emotion, greed, and long past history are not the direction a successful nation will choose to go.

Daylight come and me want to go home.

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bongobear said...

I believe the last election proves your point.