Saturday, December 15, 2012

Taxing the Productive Class

Let me see who is going to bear the tax burden? Why, if we do anything against productive businesses, it will create an incredible burden on the working and middle-class Americans. How could you avoid understanding that? The president and the Democratic Congress have told you that repeatedly. The whole point of the affordable healthcare act was to provide more services of a higher quality at less cost to more people. If you can read that sentence and not see at least four contradictory terms then maybe you need to return to the fourth grade and do a refresher course.

During the Roosevelt years of the depression the slogan was often heard "there is no such thing as a free lunch". You can't get something for nothing in a real-world. Modern healthcare is not simple solutions that were applied in the 1950s and 60s. We have laparoscopic surgery, CT scans, pinpoint radiography, MRIs, PET scans, and modern truly miracle drugs. The days of exploratory surgery in which we open up the chest cavity toss the parts around and declare the body riddled with cancer are over. That sort of therapy is not cheap.

Some of the statements during the Affordable Healthcare Act debate leave you wondering how irrational adult could accept them. Imposing 10 years of taxes for seven years of services and claiming a savings simply does not stand up to scrutiny. To suggest that you can provide health care services for 35 million people previously uninsured simply by cutting excess payments to healthcare providers is ridiculous. Doctors, nurses, lab technicians and healthcare facilities do not come cheap. To demand that they provide services to additional personnel and do so at lower cost is not logical.

Now we are approaching the economic cusp for Obamacare. As we enter 2013 we will begin to see the imposition of taxes, penalties, and regulations. Here is just one of the pending results of government run amok.

Tax to Rise from 45 to 65%

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can be assured that it is going to get much worse before it gets better. And the first-place you encounter this will be in your own doctor's office.

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