Thursday, October 29, 2009

Less Style, More Substance Please

I can't come up with anything other than disgust about this:

The Midnight Photo-Op

I'm disgusted at the picture of this man trying to look military. I'm sorry, that is a biased cheap-shot, but it is what I feel.

I'm disgusted at the writing which pointedly mentions that George W. Bush met often with families of wounded warriors, "but never went to Dover to greet the remains..." That's right, he met with the families where he might offer some condolences and sympathy. He didn't publicize those meetings or pose for pictures with a flag-draped transfer case.

I'm disgusted at the suspicion that this is a culmination of long-range planning by the administration's ministry of propaganda. He suspended the no-pictures policy precisely, in my paranoid mind, to allow for this moment in the media.

I'm disgusted that more than a month after his hand-picked general has pointedly asked for the troops necessary to do the mission he was assigned, the Messiah is still waffling. I can only imagine what the feeling of troops in the field must be as they walk the battlefield under-manned waiting for the gathering of civilian advisors (no military leaders in the meetings) to determine if the political winds blow favorably for them to get the forces to do the job.

I'm simply disgusted.


LauraB said...

I absolutely agree with all. And was very surprised that protocol allowed him to issue the salute. Trooper says his POTUS title permits twists my mouth.

Anna said...

Ugh, is that the best picture they could release? Spend a little time with Photoshop to open his bleeping eyes at least.

15 yard penalty, cheap publicity stunt.

Broadsword said...

He isn't really saluting, but trying to take the beam out of his own eye.