Friday, October 23, 2009

A New Era of Bipartisanship

"Politics ain't beanbag." It is a rough and tumble business and thin-skinned folks with fragile egos need not apply. But it also is not the mean streets where failure to note the graffiti can get you killed or resistance to paying a bit of tribute to the neighborhood capo might get your tires slashed, your windows broken or your arm twisted.

It is a business of governing in a civilized society and it should be conducted by educated man and women, fighting hard for what they believe in, but doing it with respect for their opponents and with civility.

The promise was that the "politics of personal destruction" so decried by the Clinton administration while simultaneously being practiced was going to become a thing of the past. We would be a post-racial society seeking "change we can believe in" with comity among the elected.

Yeah, right! And, I got some waterfront property I want to show you, just slip into these cement overshoes for a second.

Kim Strassel points out some lapses on the road to this new utopia:

Roadkill on the Highway to Healthcare

If the references to Malone shoot right by, then maybe you remember this:

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