Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Don't Look, Ethyl!

I had to look. I knew better, but I had to watch even though I knew before he started what was going to happen. He was going to whine. He was going to misrepresent. He was going to play the victim. He was going to brag about his greatness. He was going to vilify the opposition.He was going to blame Bush. But I honestly didn't expect that he was also going to lash out at his own pandering party.

He graciously negotiated from a nonnegotiable position. His failure to compromise would have launched an incredible tax INCREASE in just three weeks. He was against cutting anyone's taxes and in favor of raising taxes on anybody who actually works for a living, but particularly on anyone who actually has the temerity to be successful.

Although he single-handedly has spent like the crown prince of Brunei imitating a drunken sailor on shore leave, he still stands before the microphone and intones that letting people keep their own money will cost the government $700 billion over two years. The government will give out NOTHING! He doesn't acknowledge that business owners, investors and entrepreneurs will use their own money to do something that government has never successfully done; create jobs...real, paying, stable, productive jobs.

His "compromise", which was nothing of the kind, actually netted him a huge concession from the Republicans. It allowed him to continue to dole out weekly pay-checks for doing nothing to people who have not found any kind of employment for two full years now. This will take them out for three years of free money. That certainly sounds like he got a socialist win to me.

He cuts Social Security contributions for a year, which means the Earned Income Tax Credit for the non-taxpayers will be yet another drain on the deficit and will hasten the collapse of the SS system. Another socialist win.

But, my serious up-chuck moment came when he ranted about how compromise is the way he gets things done! Really? Where was all that compromise this last year during the stonewalling, closed-door, Republican lock-out of the healthcare debate? The one thing he clearly does NOT do is compromise.

Then I lost it completely when he shifted to describe the great victory for the American people as his healthcare bill now insures every single American will get medical coverage...ptui!

Don't look. But if you do look then please remember the venality of this man-child when the next election comes around. Remember the lies and deceit. Remember the trampling of our Constitutional rights. Remember the performance of Browner, Napolitano, Holder, Gates, Clinton, Biden and his henchmen. Remember and try to save the Republic before we lose it completely.


Me said...

Of course he lashes out at his own. He feels no loyalty to anyone--he simply demands it like any good Imperious Leader would. In his mind, they exist to follow him and if his followers don't toady and jump to his command, then they're of no further use to him and his true feelings for them shine through the veneer.

bongobear said...

Well said Ed! The ability of some of these liberals to stand in front of a camera and lie is amazing.

nzgarry said...

I tried to watch and listen, but it got boring.
Mrs Sarah Palins' stag shoot is much more interesting.

What I saw was a novice with a rifle out to shoot her first deer.
10 out of 10 for that.
But why didnt she say so?.

Planned and setup but kind of genuine as well. I dont know what to make of her.

nzgarry said...

To Ed and Readers.
Sorry for posting off topic re the above.