Thursday, December 02, 2010

No Brainer

Ever wonder why soccer doesn't make the big time in America? I mean we've got hundreds of thousands of pre-school through middle-school rug-rats being chauffeured to the manicured pastures of American suburbia in a vast fleet of generic looking passenger vans by a designated class of women who determine the outcome of American elections, the Soccer Moms. Why wouldn't this translate to an enthusiastic fan base for professional soccer in America? The rest of the world goes crazy for the sport and we cling to our NFL, NCAA, MLB, and football, baseball, basketball and a bit of hockey.

You can drive to Dallas on a day or night when the Dallas professional "football" club, whatever their name might be, is playing and you won't encounter any traffic delays going past the stadium. The Fishwrapper sport section has some coverage usually on page six or eight but nobody reads it.

Maybe this is why:

FIFA Picks Qatar over USA

Start planning your 2018 vacation to beautiful sunny Qatar. Be sure to take your wife and daughters who play soccer so they can see the games...Oh, by 2016 Qatar adopted Sharia law and your wife and daughters will be required to wear burquas and wait outside the stadium in the women's compound? Well, so what, go inside and have a couple of beers while you watch the games...Oh? Not that either?

Yeah, that should generate a lot of enthusiasm for American soccer. I can just see investors lining up to buy a pro soccer franchise and reap all that money after the fans get set for Qatar.


Dunn said...

Sir: "... and a bit of hockey." Item: Boston Bruins select Boston as site for 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.
A "bit of hockey" indeed.

Ed Rasimus said...

Dunn, I played hockey in an amateur league when I was growing up. Started skating when I was 3 years old. In those days the NHL was six teams, nobody wore a helmet, goalies still didn't have face masks and the difference between a major and minor was whether you drew blood.

Dunn said...

Sir: Remember when games were played by and for men? Before the pussies took over...