Friday, December 31, 2010

History Not Rewritten

I change my thinking occasionally. I try to maintain a balanced outlook and I don't paint with a broad brush. All Republicans are not good and wise. All Democrats are not pandering and venal. There are degrees on both sides of the aisle and unlike the ideological purists I don't consider "moderates" as unprincipled.

That being said, I recognized during the seemingly endless days of the last presidential campaign that the possibility existed that a Democrat could be elected. Within that context I was forced to make a judgment of which of the candidates from the left would be most tolerable. Clearly there were a couple that I view as simply unqualified or total buffoons. (To be honest, that was true of the bull-pen on the right as well!)

One of the Democrats which I thought might not hurt me too badly was Bill Richardson. He had worked in a broad range of jobs at the state and federal level. He had been in the Congress, served in the State Department with Kissinger, had private sector corporate experience, held a couple of Cabinet positions, been UN Ambassador, and was governor of a western state. He had a resume and he didn't sound like a Chomsky/Alinsky parrot. He would be the best of a range of bad outcomes. Little did I know at the time how bad the outcome might be!

But, then I had some discussions with a long-time friend who happened to also be a US Attorney. There I became privy to some of the pending charges of corruption against the governor. The charges went away with the election of Obama and the installation of AG Holder, but the facts of the case remain.

Then there was the off-the-reservation trip last month to North Korea. I'm sorry, but what is a state governor doing in Pyongyang? Who is he representing? Who does he speak for? Where is his portfolio?

Now we had this little publicity gambit. The outcome apparently is decided and I agree with it. But the rationale seems to have been little more than getting a lot of headlines for Bill:

Billy the Kid Still Guilty!

If you pass down Highway 380 from Roswell to Socorro, take a moment to stop in Lincoln and visit the Tunstall store pictured here:

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Me said...

A lot of pending charges against a lot of people went away when Holder came in. It's not much different than when he was scotching prosecutions in exchange for campaign help under the Clintons. The guy is totally amoral and it says a great deal about any president who would make Eric Holder a member of his inner circle.