Friday, December 17, 2010

Pending Assault on Freedom

Would someone kindly pull the plug on the UN?

I know that they have offered a forum for international communication. I know that they have allowed for establishment of important standards on things like international aviation and maritime issues. I know that the UN was instrumental in effectively stamping out smallpox globally. I know they occasionally have been a positive force for stability in war-torn regions.

But much more often they are a bunch of tiny tails trying to wag the big dogs for their own benefit. They are a global forum for propaganda and mind-control. They are a drain on the resources of productive modern nations and an unrepresentative community of specialized narrow interests.

First Amendment Attack Pending

Controlling the Internet is the ultimate example of potential cat-herding. It is a random, amorphous, network of alternative routes and information exchange. It defies regulation.

The inconvenient truth (sorry, Al,) is that an establishment of fine upstanding goals by the "International Community, aka UN" will lead to potentially ineffective restrictions. That will necessitate stiffening the rules and increasing the restrictions. That will lead to increased costs and barriers to trade. That will foment further attempts at supranational control. It is a downhill slope to ignorance and world domination by a select group.

Keep on eye on this one.

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