Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is not something the average bear can do!


immagikman said...

Daaaamn man that guy can shoot, and the shotgun is awesome, Im guessing it is 20 gauge...wonder what its like in 12 gauge.

The Donald said...

Well, they do say that Sporting Clays is like golf with a shotgun.

I grew up around the skeet fields in the '60s when my Dad shot competitively, and I'm still amazed when I see this kind of shooting, whether it's a Beretta or Winchester demonstration.

Several years ago a guy joined our pheasant hunting party, equipped with the latest Benelli autoloader (with a PG and mag tube out to the muzzle), dressed in camo head-to-toe (remember, this is for pheasant hunting). The salesman at Oshman's must've been so grateful.

Several times that weekend, the guy unloaded all 8 rounds just about as quickly as the trick shooter.

Not so impressive.

We learned to duck when he started shooting.