Monday, September 17, 2012

A Sign of the Times

Around the world Muslim nations have got their freak on, rising from their trash strewn ghettos and taking to the dirty streets of their third-world cities to scream "Death to America!" I mean seriously, what are the odds?

Here's the question for Americans: "Who do you trust?"

Obama Tool Says Spontaneous, Libyan President Says Planned

So, do you believe your own government or does the Libyan make more sense?

Is it just a coincidence that all of this kicked off on the anniversary of 9/11? Are the jungle drums loud enough to activate all of the Muslim world simultaneously just by accident?

And how strong a foreign policy credential is this mayhem for the incumbent?


Murphy's Law said...

These muslims have as much respect for our current administration as the Iranian hard-liners had for Carter's in 1979. I'm thinking that we're looking at a repeat and hopefully our stupid and/or special-interest voters don't re-elect Jimmy Carter the 2nd in November.

The Donald said...

For the life of me I can't understand the polls showing the Chair with a slight lead over Romney - you'd think with all of the First Kenyan's foreign policy expertise and finesse, even Dan Quayle would be showing a strong double digit lead.

Robman said...

I don't expect a second term for NCHO (Neville Carter Hussein Obama), but I don't rule it out, either.

Problem is that we don't have the same media we had in '80. They were biased then, too, but not nearly as corrupt. They at least had some modicum of integrity back then.

Today, outside of conservative talk radio, FOX, and WSJ, the rest of the national-level print and broadcast media is 1000% behind Obama. It is really disgusting.

Romney will win, but not by nearly the margin he deserves to. I expect Obama to take between 10 and 14 states in November.

bongobear said...

I can't speak to the Lybian president's honesty but I'm pretty confident in saying that our own president is a liar.