Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's the Stupid Economy

Americans generally don't relate well to economics. The simple relationship of supply/demand to price is overly contentious. The idea of a price being related to value rather than fairness is dissonant with regard to American education. Want proof? Ask what the minimum wage should be.

Then ask what business the government has getting between a buyer of labor and a seller of labor.

You won't get good answers.

So, here's what we might get from next week's debate:

It's Somebody Else's Fault

Yeah, right! But America will be buying. Hook, line, sinker.


Anonymous said...

Well yes Ed, you are quite right to bewail your own country'mens fall from their ideals.
The sad fact though is that the rest of the folks around the globe a'int that shit-hot either in respecting the old truths,NZ included. USA stands clear.

But that does not excuse the issue.
Kindly excuse my comment as an alien, but the Constitution must not be altered.

Also, it is Friday night here (Beer Fridge Night!), so much for the poor grammar, spelling mistakes, and all the rest.

bongobear said...

What do you think, Ed? Are we going to be saddled with four more years of Obama or will we manage to rid ourselves of him? I'm very afraid that he'll win.

FlyingBarrister said...

Hey Garry:

Did you ever find a book title for me that addresses the de-socialization process of NZ in the 1980 timeframe?