Sunday, September 09, 2012

On The Streets of New York City

Yes, this is New York City, the cultural bastion of America and by extension the entire world. This is where we have gone and other than the bronze swords and a tribune marching ahead with a fasci, it seems very reminiscent of a society in serious and terminal decline. (Caution, strong language and content.):


Anonymous said...

WTF ? Looks like a democrat convention! Wolfpack Jack

The Donald said...

Somebody please tell me again how NYC is the epitome of American culture, and exactly what these, uh, persons, contribute to said culture?

Seems very dystopian to me - I'd like to see a few A-Team vans roll through that mess, just to try to re-acquaint the unruly masses with the notion of proper public conduct.

LauraB said...

Ah! I see Freaknik has gone to NYC!
Now, imagine that driven not by crappy music but by hunger.