Sunday, September 16, 2012

Better Choices of Words

A "valiant battle" is often in the mix when the obit is written. A "long fight" is common terminology. But that is little more than rhetoric. It isn't a battle and it isn't heroic. It simply is what it is. You live life. You deal with what you face. You do the best you can. A lot of us survive and a lot of us don't. It's not much more than that.

There are choices, of course. You can curl up in a corner somewhere and whimper to yourself about the injustice you've suffered. But most of us don't. We listen to the doctor. We weigh the options. We do what we think is best and we wait for a positive outcome. Increasingly with modern medicine the outcome is more positive than negative.

This is a woman who has dealt with advanced ovarian cancer. She is intelligent and her view of the language we use regarding the "battle" is spot on from my perspective.

Don't Call Her "Survivor"

So, I'll just eat my flaxseeds and keep on keeping on. It works so far.


LauraB said...

I am glad someone put the gore to that ox. There AREN'T proper words for it. There are no phrases to ease the news, make the pain easier to take, or give the friends and family a way to communicate their own horror and fear.

I am pissed as hell that it snatched you by the scruff. And maybe it is a selfish thing, not wanting to have your words, your stories, end. But there it is.

There are things that I wish I could convey properly but it comes out all garbled and guarded. Know that you are on my mind often...and here. Something to maybe bring a smile. Trooper
has been quoting from it all weekend.

Garry Oats said...

Good to see you keeping up the output at TT, Ed, and it's a pleasure to visit. I've been busy myself lately and rather quiet round these parts, but yourself and friends have never been far from my mind.