Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Queen of Hearts...

It means whatever she wants it to mean at the time. Don't be bothered by facts. Nobody in the electorate will check. Simply say it loud and say it proud. It will become truth regardless of reality.

A Few Embellishments Along The Way

And possibly the biggest of the Big Lies is to accuse your opposition of the lie while you are the one actually doing it:

California Dem Party Chief Channels Goebbels

Is there a glimmer of hope for that golden city on the hill which Reagan saw?

So, now we've got California offering Goebbels, Kansas linking Hitler, and S.C. bringing in Eva Braun. These are leading spokespersons for the DNC, not dumbos on the street corner. This is the level of political debate which they offer.

Our Governor Like Eva Braun...

Are you impressed yet?

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bongobear said...

These people appear to have no shame at all.