Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Truth Peeks Out

I seldom get wrapped around an axle over whether or not someone publicly expresses their faith. I'm a wholesaler in religion. I tend to eschew the retailers and middle-men, some of whom seek excessive markups on the product and others who don't seem to embrace the value they wish you to buy.

But I deeply respect folks who base their lives on their morality and religion. That is why it is always prudent to avoid stepping on those toes and remembering that their belief does nothing to alter or diminish mine. I commune with my God in my way and they do so in theirs.

That is why this kerfuffle in the Democratic Party platform seems like such an easy pothole to have driven around. But, they didn't. And it got noticed.

And then the Messiah got dragged in and with the usual blundering they denied that he knew about it, suggested he disagreed with, got caught that he had vetted the omissions and then staunchly stood to correct it. That's leadership from behind in its boldest form!

In The Opinion of The Chair You Are Boobs!

Live TV. The Messiah wants it corrected. The poster-boy Latino from Texas presides. The motion is on the table and then the rank and file of the Democratic Party publicly and clearly show that in significant numbers they can't live with the word "God".

But, in good Democratic parliamentarian fashion the chair takes the outcome and paints it in pastels for the record.

Gotta love it!


juvat said...

As I've said before, Empty Words, Empty Promises, Empty Chair. He's incompetent to the point that the word can no longer be used to describe another human being. He's incompetent with respect to foreign policy, diplomacy, military strategy, domestic policy, economics, law, public speaking and now politics. He can't lead his own party. Yesterday he denied that he owned the Official Opening Video meme "We all belong to the government" (which immediately started me humming "So you say you want a revolution..."), Now he can't decide if he want's God and Jerusalem on the platform. Yesterday he's against it, but today...let's see how it polls and then I'll tell you my lifelong and heartfelt beliefs.
Good gravy, fire the SOB, he's the most incompetent communist I've ever heard of.

bongobear said...

Well said Juvat. I hope this jerk gets trashed in November.

hitman said...

The Godless Commies didn't think anyone would notice I guess. But then it's "Oh Sh*t, we could lose some votes" so we get the famous liberal Flip-Flop. What I can't understand is how the Dems and Obama get the Jewish money and support like they do.