Friday, September 17, 2010

Congress Shall Make No Law...

...respecting an establishment of weirdness, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

They sent her home from school because she violated the school dress code. I'd say that might be a First Amendment issue if couched in terms of freedom of expression. Is her political speech being curtailed? The problem there is that the courts haven't bought into a right to express speech through dress if it disrupts the educational process which is the purpose of the schools.

So, how about freedom of religion?

Nose Piercing A Worshipful Act for 15-yr Old

Initial reaction was where are the parents in this? How does a fifteen year old get into facial piercing and then stir the First Amendment pot without a parent drawing the adult line in the sand? Well, according to the WaPo, mommy is a member of the church as well. The apple falls not too far from the tattooed and cavity riddled tree.

C'mon now, is this a real church? Of course it is. Here's all you need to know including how to join and even how to become a minister.

Sew Your Mouth Shut For God

They do advise you before you fill out the application for ministership, that you check the resumes of some of the senior ministers in the congregation so that you can appreciate that not just any applicant gets into the ministry. You've got to be professionally weird to qualify.

Current Modifications:
1/2″ Lobes (left/right)
4g Lobes, Second Hole (left/right)
8g Lobes, Third Hole (left/right)
16g, 1/2″ long surface bar vertically in front of tragus (left/right)
18g Nostril Piercings (left/right)
14g Bridge of Nose Piercing
8g Septum Piercing
14g Navel Piercing
Crop Circle Tattoos – Back of Left Calf
Black-work knot – Back of Neck
Butterfly – left forearm

Temporary Modifications/Events:
Numerous Play Piercing Sessions
Back Pull (12-28-2007)
Back Pull (03-16-2008)
Chest Pull (07-13-2008)

Ritual Events:
Public Drumming Circles (2000-Present, 4-8 Times Per Year)
Public Spiritual Camping Retreats (2007-Present, Twice Yearly)
Private Rituals Facilitated Since 2000
Personal Rituals Conducted Frequently

Foundation For Shamanic Studies, Basic Shamanism Course Graduate (2001)
Moorpark College (Philosophy/Theology)
Palomar College (American Sign Language), studying affects of non-verbal language in ritual magic context.

If you don't have any experience in facilitating private rituals it will be tougher to be ordained. As you can tell, graduation from the basic shamanism course is essential.

I wonder how she got into the ministry without a tramp stamp?

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