Thursday, September 09, 2010

Don't Make the Imam Angry

And the drumbeat of threats and intimidation from the religion of peace and moderation continues:

If I Had Known I Wouldn't Have--But I Did and I Must

Duplicity, thy name is Rauf. If he had known the outrage it would generate he wouldn't have proposed the mosque near Ground Zero. Really? How could he not have anticipated it?

If he had it to do over he would have proposed a more distant site. Really? Not a shovel has turned, not a brick of the existing structure has been dismantled so why can't he change the plans?

Once again it is because those peace-loving Muslims around the world will blow us up for offending them even through implication and innuendo.

Frankly, I'm ready to offend them a bit. Bring it on!


nzgarry said...

As has been said before, to tolerate the intolerant or attempt to rationalise with the irrational is the errand of fools.
How long before we in the West face the stark fact that Islam stands against all our principles and so has no place in the Western world.
I hold that the Constitution is a rational document proscribing Liberty. It was neither intended nor designed to accommodate the injuctions of the Koran.
Indeed, through its own claims to divine origin and infallibilty, the Koran places itself outside of the Constitution, and therefore cannot be upheld within it's framework.
For those of us who consider the Constitution to be the anchor of the West, this argument holds for the West in general.

nzgarry said...

P.S. to the above..

It isn't my intention to lecture Americans on their Constitution.

Just to say that any argumaent that uses the axioms of Liberty to defend oppression contradicts itself before the first word is spoken or written.

bongobear said...

I'm with you Ed. I'm sick of the attitude that we in America have to constantly kow-tow to these radical elements of the muslim faith. I believe burning the Koran is stupid but so is building a mosque so near ground zero.
And if I misspelled 'Koran' I apologize...please don't come kill my family.

Anonymous said...

Now the mullah of peace is saying he can't move the location of the mosque because it would inflame anti-American violence among "extremists" in the middle east. Clearly a left-handed threat.