Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chicken Little, Tell Turkey Lurkey...

Apparently the secret of modern journalism is take a quote, with or without sound basis, from a person in a position of pseudo-authority then embellish it with predictions of doom and collapse until you've got an hysterical screed that encourages you to abandon all hope and lay down to peacefully expire.

What do I mean? Take a look at this tidbit:

J-20 Breakthroughs Based on American Technology

The authoritative voice? Croatia's former military chief of staff! One must humbly bow at the aeronautical juggernaut which is the Croatian Air Force.

The "stolen" enabling technology? Some chunks of metal from a jet shot down in 1999, twelve years ago. The technology is the coatings and honey-comb structure which was devised and state-of-the-art in the mid-'70s!

So, with this scientific information from a jet which is so outdated that it was completely retired from the USAF inventory six years ago, we now can postulate that the first-flight one-off J-20 will be competitive with the USAF F-22 fleet.

The J-20 which currently has no 5th-gen engines, no weapons, no sensors and is little more than a planform might be in production in nine or ten years. By that time the F-117 tech will be a cool fifty years old.

We might as well throw in the towel. All is lost.


commoncents said...

Thanks for posting this! I always love visiting your blog!!

Common Cents

Anonymous said...

Just wait until that 'J-20' crashes, and everyone finds out the 'stealth' surfaces and coatings are nothing more than painted mylar stretched over styrofoam padding - to protect the 28-gauge recycled shoe-polish tins riveted together as surface structure.

That's why it shows up on radar like a thunderhead anvil . . .

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing honeycomb AL in the 60's in use on the Saturn V and Apollo vehicles.
The Chi-Coms made a bunch of Romanian farmers and scavengers happy but the intel they got was useless as far as stealth technology.

The shape of the jet alone guarantee's it'll be detectable by everyone and its heat signature will be its death.