Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Political Party No Handicap For The Stupid

This proposal by NY Congress-Critter Pete King really smacks of idiocy. Fortunately it looks like it will die at birth, but the total lack of logic in it can give a poor citizen cause to shake his head and wonder.

Protect New Yorkers 

How is the licensed concealed carry citizen going to know when he breaches the 1000 foot bubble around King? How is his goal of protecting citizens of his state going to be enhanced by restricting my rights and conceivably making me an unwitting criminal? Will the short list of special class citizens meriting this bubble mean that they must wear a prominent warning sign and make alerting noises as they pass by?

How does a state like New York which already boasts of some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation going to have the situation improved by adding this lunacy?

My state, Texas, has a very specific format required to establish a guns-free zone. There is a short list of standard prohibitions such as schools, courts, polling places, racetracks, airports and bars/restaurants which derive more than 51% of their total revenue from sales of alcohol. If a business wants to prohibit guns, however, there are specific signage requirements to insure a standardized and understood format. Would King come to Texas and post that large notification on his back? Would it require a small contingent of security personnel to walk the perimeter of his bubble sort of like warning the medieval village of an approaching leper? "Unclean, unclean...."

Well, that might not be so very far off the mark in the case of Congress.

As a federalism issue it should be noted that the state capital of Texas has fairly standard metal detectors and screening procedures for visitors to the legislature. It should be further noted that if you hold a Texas CHL you simply display it to bypass the security screeners and speed your entry. I wonder if King would feel comfortable in our legislature?


jjet said...

1000 feet= 333 yards?

People routinely hit woodchucks and prairie dogs at that distance.

The point of the law is therefore not to actually protect a Congresscritter but (as my be-tinfoiled brain says) to give the Goobermint yet another asinine 'law' with which to trap, charge, try, convict and incarcerate us.

The Donald said...

It's grandstanding legislation, DOA from the word 'go'.

The congresscritter knows it's asinine and won't (nor should it) ever see the light of day - but for the nitwits back in Westchester County, or wherever, he can say, "Look, I tried to get effective blah-blah-blah, I'm not standing idly by."

Buffoons, all of them.

How about a law to keep congresscritters and their bureaucratic minions 1000 feet from our: paychecks, healthcare, automobiles, gun cabinets, and radio stations?