Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fourteenth Amendment?

OK, the premise is that Mexican drug cartels are being supplied by unscrupulous federal firearms licensed gun-shops along the border. Despite the reporting requirements, records-keeping, background checks and "border security" which the executive branch manages, we are told that hundreds or possibly thousands of weapons are flowing to armed Mexican drug gangs. They are wreaking havoc throughout that nation which has fairly well denied private citizen ownership of defensive firearms.

The solution? Is it Mexican law enforcement? Nope. Is it customs inspection at the borders? Nope. Is it actually doing something about the shooters? Nope.

Let's close down gun dealers. Let's make it harder for Americans living in the border states to buy their ranch guns, varmint rigs, home defense weapons. Yeah, that's the ticket. Let's disarm our folks so they are as peaceful as the Mexicans across the fence.

Four States Gun Dealers Targeted

How does that proposal for special treatment of four out of fifty states deal with the requirements of the Fourteenth Amendment that all Americans are entitled to EQUAL protection under the laws. How can some businesses get new restrictions but if they move a few miles north they no longer face them?

Maybe the House of Representatives should send their recently read copy of the Constitution down Pennsylvania Avenue to let the Chief Executive do a quick read. Better yet, send someone to read it to him.


immagikman said...

Didn't you hear, Obama and the Dems cannot be expected to worry about the Constitution, "it was written over a HUNDRED years ago and no one can understand it" :P

Or so says their self described lead Policy Wonk.

sofa said...

Every inmate will be treated the same.

chains are freedom
ignorance is wisdom
lies are truths
injustice is social justice
slavery is patriotism

They are using "1984" as an instruction manual.

Mark Matis said...

Actually, it appears that the guns being run were done by BATFE:
including the one used to kill that Border Patrol agent a few weeks ago. Over the objection of some of the Phoenix BATFE agents. At the direction of Washington.

The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like pig.