Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deja Vu Again

"Those who will not learn from the lessons of history will be condemned to repeat them."

In Teheran a mob has attacked and sacked the British Embassy. Any attempt to describe the action as a mob which Iranian security forces could not restrain is impossible. Nothing happens in the streets of Iran which does not have the approval of the government. The Iranians are unhappy with sanctions imposed as the civilized world attempts to restrain their efforts to achieve a nuclear weapon and then to fulfill their oft-repeated promise to deliver it on Israel. The whole purpose of sanctioning is to modify behavior. Sanctions are supposed to be unpleasant. The way to lift sanctions is to change your actions.

But in Iranian thinking the way of the future is the destruction of Israel and by extension the rest of the non-Islamic world. If in the process you unleash nuclear Armageddon, so be it. You are martyred in the cause and you will live forever surrounded by houris and lolling in luxury.

This is the deer-in-the-headlights response of the Leader of the Free World. This is what the "most powerful man in the world" does to compel a change in behavior by a rogue nation:

So, the date is November of 2011 and we are one year away from a presidential election. We see American in the throes of an economic recession and we see a once-respected nation now withdrawn from the position of leadership. We relish our secondary role as global by-stander and the President waffles and gripes about the laziness of an America that resists redistribution of their earned wealth.

Does it help to point out that the Bamster might want to dust off a recent history book. Look up what happened in November of 1979, one year away from a presidential election when a nation was mired in economic recession and withdrawn from leadership. The President waffled and griped about a malaise that he could not overcome.

History repeats itself and we need to learn the lessons. The very seeds that were sown on the embassy grounds of the American Embassy in Teheran have matured into the mad-dog president of that rogue nation. Ahmadinejad rose to power on the basis of the role he played in those events.


juvat said...

If only there's a modern day Reagan waiting in the wings.

hitman said...

I was thinking the same thing myself, Juvat. We need someone the bastards are scared of, not someone they laugh at like we have now.

Anonymous said...

1. There is only one way to prevent the Iranians from having the Bomb...

Regime Change.

Are we ready to invade?

2. So Ed Just how should the O-Man have responded to the Iranian assault on the British Embassy?


nzgarry said...

I know it is hard on the soldiers and families of those that have served so well and for so long.
But with respect for them, why not move a few mechanised divisions north east to the Iraq-Iran border?. It is encouraging to see this "Arab Spring" unfolding, but it would never have happened without the American Military actions. I am sure that the Arab world is in no doubt that America means business, dont stop now!.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

leadfoot said:

"1. There is only one way to prevent the Iranians from having the Bomb...

Regime Change.

Are we ready to invade?"

We need that regime changed first - and probably should wait to do so peacefully, next November.

Hippo said...

Anymouse opines: "Just how should the O-Man have responded to the Iranian assault on the British Embassy?" He should have referred the Brits to Jimmah Cartah for crises management lessons


Anonymous said...

@Dweezil Dwarftosser

Couldn't agree more, we need regime change in the Tea Party congress. When Obama can have a congress he can work with Washingtn will be a better place.

Ed Rasimus said...

"A congress he can work with"? Like the Dem super-majority of 2008-2010?

hitman said...

I guess Left Foot meant one like that, so they could spend all the money that the next 3 or 4 generations would make instead of just the next two. And how should the O-Boy have responded to the Iranian Riot at the British Embassy? Maybe he could pretend that he had a pair. Watch some Reagan footage and learn how to act Presidential. Whoa, wait. Maybe he did, but watched Ron instead of Ronald. lmao

Anonymous said...

Ed, That would be the Democratic Congressman who stuck to their convictions even though it could mean not getting re-elected. Something you claim to admire, right?

Their not like this congress whose first waking thought is "How can I fuck Obmama" and not "What can I do for my country."

Hey I'm looking forward to your next Blog post on Herman Cain. I said give it as month right?

And still waiting for what Obama shoud have said concerning the original topic.


Anonymous said...

Oh and lets not forget how well the present congress worked with Obama on freeing the Libyan people from the tyranny of Quadaffi. Absolutely their finest hour, right?


hitman said...

Well, I guess I'd rather they woke up saying"How can I fuck Obama" instead of "How can I fuck the 48% who pay taxes and don't vote for us anyway" like the guys they replaced did.(and proved it) At least there is a little control now. Check it yourself, like you always tell us to do. See where the spending jumped when the Democrats controlled everything. But don't give me that BS that it was to help the economy. They never said "What can I do for my Country" it was "Who can I buy to keep me in Power"

Anonymous said...


Google "48% Of Americans Pay No Taxes"

Get back to me after you do