Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crud Rules

There was mention of Crud in the earlier post about Fighter Pilots. The game is played in stag bars around the world by USAF and other respected military aviation organizations. In my opinion it is a terrible waste of an otherwise perfectly servicable pool table, but as long as there is imbibing of adult beverages involved I'm not averse to supporting the activity.

For those who might be curious and outside of the fraternity the game might be confusing. There are detailed and commonly accepted rules. Everyone should be aware of them and one of the best places to find them posted is a stag bar men's room over the urinals. For those without access to such sophisticated facilities, here is a source: Rules of Crud

I would like to note however that the last rule usually found in any posting of Crud rules is missing at that page. Those who have heard about the last rule but never violated it are aware that the final rule always displayed for players in a crud location is:

Any player caught reading these rules will be assessed a "life"

Can't have lawyers in a Crud game, can we?

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