Monday, January 11, 2010

Moral Revisionist Certitude

Oliver Stone has made what Nancy Pelosi would refer to as "obscene profits" if Stone were in a product delivering business such as providing health care or home mortgages to people with actual ability to repay them. Nan probably won't bother commenting upon Ollie's latest project, the reinterpretation and rehabilitation of the most evil men in modern history.

You see Stone is going to do a series for the History Channel, that translational service for the illiterate American couch potatoes, which will serve to explain to us the full context of life which good people like Hitler and Stalin lived. They weren't bad, they were simply misunderstood by we stupid proles.

Stone has demonstrated his skill previously in his critically acclaimed docu-smears of Nixon and "W" so we should have a good idea what to expect. Yet, not all of the media is sipping the same Kool-Aid on this effort:

The Brits Were Closer to the Action

I would suspect that there are enough Brits who are old enough to recall the tales their parents and grand-parents told about the Blitz and the sacrifices of two World Wars that crap like Stone produces would not be as readily accepted as it is by the mouth-breathers of America.


The Six said...

Oh joy. More re-written history from the master. The man has no shame.

immagikman said...

Ditto! Six.