Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unbiased Idiocy

The campaign debate is a hallowed tradition in American politics. Once it went on for extensive statements and meaningful dialog such as the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Today it is an opportunity for leftist propagandists to play "Gotcha" in shaping the questions to provide no response that wins for a candidate.

Right now a special election is looming in Massachusetts. It provides an excellent example of what is wrong with the American republic today.

The odds of Brown overturning Coakley in the sort of state that keeps returning Ted Kennedy and John Kerry to the Senate are pretty much against him. Yet, the polls show the gap has narrowed considerably and the dissatisfaction with a Congress and administration running rough-shod over the people is reaching levels that make it within the realm of possibilty.

Gergen's suggestion that blocking the current travesty proposed on healthcare in the Congress would somehow equate to denying people medical care for fifteen years is ludicrous. The problem is that most Americans are too stupid to notice the failure of logic in the proposition.

The declaration that one of the two Senate seats for the state is "the Kennedy seat" is simply outrageous.

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