Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Praise From Early Readers

Advanced review copies went out to a long list of major media this week. "Fighter Pilot" is humming along right on schedule for release on April 13th and comments from the earliest readers are piling up, like this one:

“My only personal contact with Gen. Olds was as a new cadet at the Air Force Academy shortly before his assignment changed. I recall that we regarded him as a legend but didn’t understand why…I do now. As a young F-4 fighter pilot, I knew that I wanted to be a Robin Olds type fighter pilot but I didn’t know what that was…I do now. Having held a number of leadership positions, I’ve wanted to lead like then Colonel Olds lead a combat wing but didn’t know how…I do now. The book is much more than a legend’s memoirs; it’s a lesson on how to be a man’s man…in the best sense!” --Tom Henricks, former NASA astronaut and President, AVIATION WEEK


juvat said...

Well, it's got at least one sale. I've got it on pre-sale order from Amazon, so... Don't Be Late!
Seriously, looking forward to it. Only "met" him once at a dining-in, but appreciated his speech and learned a lot from the awe and respect with which the fighter pilots I respected held him.

LauraB said...

Oh, congratulations on that review! Outstanding! I, too, have my book on pre-sale - how about offering a signed bookplate, eh?

Surely you've designed one specifically for this phenomenal time in your life...

Ed Rasimus said...


I've signed my previous books for anyone who wanted one, either by them mailing to me with return postage or in signing events and contacts. Generally I don't sign paperbacks and I've learned the hard way to stay out of "retail sales" in which I supply a product, shipping, handling, etc. Way too much hassle.

Christina will be traveling extensively in the coming year and I will make a couple of events. Plans are still developing.

Signed bookplates aren't something I've done previously and don't see it happening here.

Buy the book, read the book and tell folks you know me. That's all that's necessary.