Sunday, January 10, 2010

Much Ado About...

Buzz about a new book is important to sales. The incredible polarization of political life in America today leads to an increasing demand for tell-all insider screeds about who said what, when, where and what does it really matter. The hot topic this week is a muck-raker titled, Game Change.

Among the inane disclosures is a statement by Sen. majority leader, Harry Reid. You've probably read it by now. The predictable outrage by the mindless over this bit of trivia leads us to this sort of comparison:

Calling a Spade a Spade

Noting someone's race is not racist. Noting someone's chameleon-like ability to blend into their surroundings as a political asset isn't particularly damning. Using a respectful, if dated, nomenclature for race identification isn't a slur. Reid isn't the sharpest knife in most drawers. He is a power-wielding true-believer in big government and when he uses a word like "Negro" it is a reflection of his age and the lexicon of his formative years. Nothing more.

Finding a problem with the reaction of the mainstream media in this episode is idiocy. Making a comparision to the idiocy of Trent Lott's factual but misguided statements is still idiocy. This is much ado about absolutely nothing. It was nothing in the Lott instance and it is less than nothing in the Reid episode.

The book is on my definite Don't Read List.


Anonymous said...

I agree and I don't like Harry but what he said was true. Nevertheless a Republican would be fighting for his politcal life had he/she said the same thing.

immagikman said...

The only thing worthy of note is that Reid will be forgiven where as any conservative would have been forced out of office.