Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Unconstitutionality Issue

I'm not alone and the beat is getting louder:

The Rationale of the Unconstitutionality Issue

The Dallas Morning News, a rag not noted for their conservative stance, had an editorial comment this morning comparing a mandate for citizens to purchase a product from private companies under penalty of law to being told that you must buy a Chevy Malibu to stimulate the economy or be fined an amount equal to the purchase price. Yep, it's that logical.

Then one might also question what business an elected Senator representing the citizens of a state in the federal legislature has interfering with an executive officer in the state government. Does he possess some sort of imperial power or does he only think that he does?

Call Off The Dogs, You're Making Me Look Corrupt

Unfortunately the issue of constitutionality of a legislative act cannot be considered in advance. We'll have to wait for the corruptocracy of Washington to complete their midnight acts of malfeasance before someone can challenge the law. Based on the current makeup of the Supreme Court, I would think there would be a good chance of over-turning it. But if we wait much longer we might begin to see the shenanigans of the Bamster's administration manipulating the Court for their nefarious agenda. Roosevelt failed in his effort to pack the court with a half-dozen additional left-wing judges because he didn't have enough clout in the Senate at that time. With Reid, Schumer, Boxer, Clinton, et. al. in place the outcome this go around could be different.

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